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AATXE (ah chey) The name of a shapeshifting spirit in Basque mythology. In the ancient Basque dialect, Aatxe translates to “Young Bull”. The spirit takes the form of a fiery red bull with the intent to punish those who disrespect and cheat the earth, while protecting those who cherish it. A trio of seasoned musicians with several years of experience in our past. We are finally at a point where we can make the music that we truly enjoy. No labels, no genres, no allegiance; just pure creativity and expression. In an age where division is prevalent, we embrace every style and sound that we enjoy. There is no need to give you an example of two bands mixed together that we think we sound like, because truthfully, we embrace everything we like. Everything and nothing.



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Band Information


Joe Pence: Guitar, Vocals, and Percussion

Jerry Lavoy: Bass and Backing Vocals

Eric Gordon: Drums


 Extreme Experimental


Huntsville, AL



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