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our new album inadvertently caused a music critic to have an existential crisis...

Wow, where to begin...

When we started this band, roughly three years ago, it was understood that refusing to conform to the notion of "we're like this band mixed with this band if they played this genre and wrote about this stuff instead of that stuff" or "we can't play that, because it conflicts with the genre and fan base we are begging for the attention of, and might rock the boat too much", would probably rub some people the wrong way. That is to be expected when you challenge the status quo, and push the boundaries of whatever creative medium you are a part of.

Having said that, there's a big difference between having a differing opinion philosophically, and allowing something that you don't like and/or understand to bring out your own ignorance and bias. This is exactly what happened when this gentleman reviewed (if you can call it that) our new album Piros for the website Bucketlist Music Reviews.

Here's the link to the full review.

So there you have it. We didn't exactly get a glowing recommendation from our last review on this website, but the critic did his job and REVIEWED THE ALBUM. Scolding us for genre-hopping while at the same time skipping over 4 of the 7 songs on the album because you think they all sound the same just seems a bit contradictory, if not downright lazy. Jason might want to play to his strengths, bashing bands on social media and online chats, and not his desire to do professional reviews for a music website. I can accept that not everybody is going to like what we do, but at least give a fair assessment, rather than virtually beating your chest and yelling at us for not conforming.

By the way, Piros is a Hungarian word.

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